Arkansas Burger King hires loyal 87-year-old customer


PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) – Ida Hyde has been eating at Burger King in Paragould for 17 years now, but, that all changed recently.

“Ms. Ida is our number one fan, she’s been our mascot ever since I took over the store,” said the general manager of the Paragould Burger King, Terry Hill. “She’s our most loyal customer.”

It all started with a simple greeting.

“I came out to introduce myself because they told me she was a regular guest,” said Hill.

“This young man, I found out was the new manager so I told him to sit down, I had something to tell him,” said Hyde. “I told him I was his boss, I’d been here long enough.”

The 87-year-old Ida made quite an introduction.

“Eventually, I said we should just make this official,” said Hill.

Burger King was hiring for a hostess position.

“He told me he would like to hire me and I thought he was teasing,” said Hyde. “We laughed about it and he told me he was serious.”

Now, it’s official. Ida is responsible for the dining room, making sure everyone feels welcome, and keeping the area clean.

“This place means so much to her and it was a no-brainer to bring her on the staff,” said Hill.

She continues to make people smile, including her new boss while they were going over company policies.

“We went through the dating policy and I explained to her that if you start dating someone here, congratulations, good for you, but, you have to let me know, disclose that relationship, and then, y’all won’t work together,” said Hill. “And, she goes ‘oh so I can’t date you then?’ I was so flattered.”

All jokes aside, Burger King means more to Ida than just food, she actually met her second husband at the fast food restaurant.

“We fell in love while we were here with all of our friends and we even had a Burger King crown on the groom’s cake,” said Hyde.

She says the restaurant has been a huge part of her life over the years, coming almost every day.

Some days, she even comes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We asked her if there was something on the menu that keeps bringing her back: “Yes, they have great chicken,” said Hyde.

Ida loves her new job duties and works twice a week.

She makes sure that even though she’s a hostess now, she’s still quote, “the boss.”

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