Pans and Pandas Awareness Day


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A focus today on educating you about a disease few people even know about.

It’s called Pans and Pandas, and it mostly strikes children after strep or a similar infection.

It can cause things like facial tics, anxiety, depression, OCD, behavioral and learning problems.

Healthcare providers and families have gathered at Saline Memorial to continue spreading awareness, and there’s talk of creating a clinic specifically for children suffering with Autoimmune disorder. One father calls that a game changer.

“That means a lot. These kids have no where to go. A lot of them are getting put in psych wards. A lot of them are getting put in homes and they don’t need to be put in there. They need proper treatment to be able to get the brain formation down to be able to live a happy and successful life,” says Jason Puckett.

Last March Arkansas legislators created a law making sure insurance companies cover the cost of treatment for Pans and Pandas.

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