Only in Arkansas: Local Artist Laura Fanning

Only in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Over the next few weeks Aaron Nolan is going to introduce some unique natural state artists. Today it’s Laura Fanning, a grandmother who will take anything she can find and make priceless works of art. 

In a hidden Hillcrest studio in Little Rock with Van Morrison playing on the stereo you’ll find Laura Fanning lost in her passion. 

“This is a very wonderful way to spend a day,” says Laura Fanning.

Laura is a lifelong artist who spent her career at Baptist Health as a graphic artist.  

“As soon as I retired I realized I could do what I want,” says Laura Fanning. “I’m the boss here, I’m the boss.”

Now on to her art.

“I started out with that photograph.”

Do you know who that is?

No, it’s a World War 2 guy.

There’s no question, every work from every artist has unique elements but getting to the finished product is what set’s Laura Fanning apart. 

“I’m always peaking over the edge of dumpsters to see if there’s any metal in there,” she says. 

Now in addition to metal, in this workshop you’ll find paint, pictures, wood, paper goods, and feathers. But the idea is the same, start something and let the art finish itself.

“I don’t start with the finish piece in mind, I start with materials and the materials sort of drive the piece,” Laura says. “I’ll probably a little bit of gold something around here too, I like borders.”

Piece by piece Laura Fanning is an artist of the reclaimed. 

Laura’s prices are quite reasonable, you can start a collection for as little as $75. Click here to check out more of her artwork. 

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