LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock is not only a go to spot for travelers and locals alike, it’s also home to a unique snack item that you can find only in Arkansas.

This time of year, the kitchen at the Capital Bar and Grill is busy making their spiced pecans.

“It became a tradition, and for the person receiving it, became a treat,” explains Chef Marc Guizol.

This year the restaurant is ordering 3 to 4 thousand pounds of Arkansas pecans.  

“And every year the volume of raw pecans increased and increased and increased and increased,” he adds.

Chef Guizol also gave us an idea of the process to make the pecans. 

“It’s very simple. It’s sugar, 2 and a half cups of water. For the seasoning we use Old Bay spice, and of course the pecans,” he continues. “It’s a precise process but it’s worth it.”

Note: The “best spiced pecans” are on the Capital Bar & Grill menu. You can also ask for them at the front desk of the hotel.