Only in Arkansas: Portrait Artist Tyler Arnold


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Tyler Arnold is a unique painter who’s located in downtown Little Rock.

He paints portraits, landscapes and pets, but does it in a unique way.   

“You are going to struggle to find an actual skin tone inside each portrait, and that’s what I actually enjoy,” Tyler says. “When I paint the big portrait where there’s a lot of color, I work from a black and white photo.”

“I think I’m actually still trying to find what sets me apart,” he continues.

Many of his works are commissioned and help pay the bills, allowing him to be a full time artist, but each still allows Tyler to be creative, and that creative control can be a blessing and a curse for an artist.

“It’s terrifying, but also exciting at the same time,” he adds. “So you can complete a masterpiece or create something that’s horrible.”

In the middle of the art for others, Tyler admits sometimes he just does things for himself.

“You don’t want a five foot Ray Charles in your dining room. I do, but most people don’t,” he says.

Tyler’s portraits start at $600.

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