LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Four years and thousands of cans later, Lost Forty continues to brew some of the best brews in Arkansas. 

It’s the biggest craft beer company in the state. 

“We have added tanks, upon tanks, upon tanks,” says Jarrod Johnson with Lost Forty. “Last year, we brewed just over 13,000 barrels of beer.”

That’s 26,000 kegs in a year. That’s a lot of beer, and Lost Forty in central Arkansas is loving it. 

“Made here and made well is what we like to say,” Johnson explains.

It’s more than just a bunch of cans and kegs, the beer masters and brewers are focused on making every pop top a twin. 

“We wanted to make a consistent quality product, so that every time you poured a draft, or every time you opened a can of it, it tasted the same,” says Johnson. “It will be just as good off the canning line as it is off the shelves at Kroger.”

Right now, there are a handful of beers available around the clock, and several uniques come out each season. At the taproom, as many as 12 are available on any given day. 

With success comes the urge to grow, but in the case of this beer, it’s local to the core.

“Everything we do is for Arkansas,” Johnson explains. “In Arkansas, we are lucky enough that people are showing a desire, that people want our beer. So we are doing what we can to make enough for Arkansas, so right now, we don’t have any plans to look outside the state.”

A beer made in the Natural State, for the Natural State, Lost Forty is truly Only in Arkansas.  

Lost Forty Love Honey Bock is the most popular craft beer in the state, not just from Arkansas beer makers, but from every craft brewery in the nation.