LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There are so many Arkansas people and Natural State businesses that make one of a kind items for Christmas and holiday gift-giving.

One of them is Heifer International, which offers help with your Christmas shopping that in turn helps people in need all over the world.

At a time of year when you see catalogs for everything from toys to jewelry, Heifer International’s holiday catalog is quite different and maybe the most important catalog in the world.

Right in the middle of the capital city, you’ll find a farm setting like none other at the organization’s headquarters.

“For the last 75 years we have been working to end hunger and poverty, while caring for the earth,” explains Suzanne Munson with Heifer International.

The organization does this by giving livestock to families who need the animals to survive.

“Chickens, for example, will give eggs, which they can feed their family with, and they can also sell the surplus in the market. So it’s really a cycle,” she continues.

From the farm and barn to the gift shop and gift catalog, this is how you can help the cause.

“Instead of getting another sweater for Christmas or a tie, you will actually be giving a life changing gift to someone in need,” adds Munson.

From page to page, the Heifer International catalog let’s you find the perfect animal to give away. That includes flocks of birds…how about a pig…or even a goat.

“It’ll transform their lives,” she says. “It’s a living bank, where people are literally lifting themselves out of poverty.”

By giving from the pages of Heifer’s catalog, you’re sure to remember it and more importantly, so will the family that gets those chickens or that cow.

Click here to check out the catalog and find out how to give through Heifer International.