LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Downtown Little Rock is home to several unique stops, including a one of a kind museum.

In 2013 Anita Davis opened the Esse Purse Museum.

“I never really expected to have a purse museum,” she says.

Davis had a successful traveling exhibit on handbags, and thought there were more stories to be told, so she opened the purse museum on South Main St. in Little Rock. 

“In each case we show the things that were in the purses and so it really tells the story, the popular culture of the time,” she explains about the exhibits. “Each person that comes in is relating to the person that carried this object, and so we are keeping a lot of that alive that’s important, especially honoring and celebrating women.”

Enlightening people on the person who carried the purse is an important part of this museum, Davis added, “I love being able to say that we celebrate women here.”

Davis recently released a book about purses.

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