LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Students at Episcopal Collegiate in Little Rock are trying to help the worldwide Monarch population.

Leigh Keener is the teacher of the Discovery Lab at the school, she along with her first-grade students came up with an idea to build a Monarch Butterfly Garden on campus. 

Ms. Keener said,  “I presented them with a problem, a real-world problem, and that is that the Monarch butterfly is in real trouble. And their first reaction was what can we do.”

Very quickly, Monarchs were drawn to this Little Rock school.

Keener added, “They tell you that when you plant a butterfly garden it could take up to three years from the butterflies to kind of find it, and choose it as a habitat for them.”

The Discovery Lab wasn’t done, as the butterflies laid eggs, they were moved to a safe location. 

Keener said, “And we raised them on the front porch.”

The eggs would make cocoons that would hatch to be butterflies. 

First-grader Isaac said, “Yeah they were coming out really quick. The wings were flapping so fast I couldn’t even see them go away.”

Keener added, “They took it all the way from conception all the way to reality, they raised and released 92 Monarch butterflies, we made our little impact on the species and will continue to do so.” 

The class also testing the monarchs for disease, all were clean, then the butterflies were tagged so the students could follow on their migration.  

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