LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An Arkansas company is making a name for itself in the bike riding world.

Progressive Trail Design (PTD) is headquartered in Bentonville.

“Born out of this passion just to ride bikes,” says Kelsey Ferguson, Director of Marketing. “Just building rough backyard trails.”

Since the company was established in 2007, the riding world has taken notice.

“The idea kind of caught on, and we began to see more and more people actually asking for the service,” Ferguson continues.

Now more than a decade later, PTD has been designing and building better biking locations.

“We specialize in the design and construction of soft surface trails, riding features, and mountain bike parks. Our work unifies users with the natural environment, elevating their riding experience while celebrating our clients’ rich and diverse landscapes,” reads a description on the company website.

“We’ll actually go out there on site, walk every single inch of that land, use GPS equipment, surveying equipment,” adds Ferguson.

But this year, they’ve added something new. It’s called DIG.

“Tactical gear, mountain bike specific apparel, like something you might wear on the trail and then immediately transfer it on the town and go out with your friends,” Ferguson says.

From hats to tees to gloves, DIG has it all. But it’s not just a money-making venture. This company is focused on building the brand of biking.

“We give back 5% of all of our profits to trail building advocacy organizations and maintenance teams,” says Ferguson.

Tonight, DIG is teaming up with Lost Forty Brewing in Little Rock for a launch party complete with a bike track in the parking lot. Click here for more info.

Click here for more about PTD and DIG.