LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A local company we first profiled when it launched in 2015 is still going strong.

It’s safe to say that Arkansocks is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Natural State, to the tune of tens of thousands of socks sold in just three years.

“Everybody thinks it’s cool and so I love that,” says Corey Bacon with Arkansocks.

The colorful, sometimes wild but always unique socks have been one of the hottest fashion statements over the past decade.

“Everyone loves a great pair of socks,” adds Broderick Bozeman with Arkansocks. 

It all started with just a few designs. 

“We believed in this thing from the very beginning,” Bacon continues.

The team has worked hard creating the sock-based brand.

“To include the state whenever we could, to really give it a strong tie to Arkansas, we thought that was a great starting point,” says Bacon. “Did we think we were going to sell this many of them… no.”

Starting in 2019, Arkansocks has nearly 40 designs ranging from state outlines to thunderstorms to Sasquatch.

“Made him our mascot,” Bozeman says.

You’ll find the brand in more than three dozen local retailers. For the owners, there’s no slowing down.

“We have hundreds of ideas that we haven’t even shown to the public yet,” says Bozeman.

The Natural State company adds a kick to the pep in your step.

Arkansocks has also partnered with the breast cancer organization Susan G. Komen Foundation for a special pink sock to raise awareness.

Click here to learn more about Arkansocks by visiting its website.