HOT SPRINGS, AR – It’s expected to be next week before any new information will be released in the investigation of a child’s death inside a hot car.

Thomas Naramore, 18 months, died Friday after being left inside a car belonging to his father Wade Naramore, a Garland County Circuit Court judge who was questioned in the case and then released.

In a news release issued late Tuesday, the Hot Springs Police Department (HSPD) explained why it’s not saying anything more about the investigation for now.

“Despite questions and criticism by members of the press, bloggers and the general public, the police department intends at this time to continue withholding investigative material such as 911 tapes, reports and related documents that are considered crucial to this investigation,” the release states, adding, “The decision to withhold information and to postpone any possible arrest in this matter is made at the specific direction of Mr. Scott Ellington, the special prosecutor recently assigned the case. Due to circumstances beyond the control of members of the HSPD, investigators will not have a chance to meet face-to-face with Mr. Ellington until early next week.”

On Tuesday, the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission said it had received numerous complaints about the handling of the case and had an open investigation of its own.

“This incident, albeit unusual and involving a high-profile member of the community, does not alter the HSPD’s core values or its commitment to this community and to the law enforcement profession,” the police news release continued. “It is the mission of the Hot Springs Police Department, guided by its core values, that its members treat all people with respect, dignity, fairness, and compassion regardless of race, color, gender, religious preference, political affiliation or status within the community.” 

“The HSPD is anxious to see this case reach its investigative conclusion, whereupon it will turn all evidence and information over to the office of the special prosecutor for his ruling and any subsequent action,” added the release.