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Tom Hanks takes reading suggestions from Texas third graders

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LUBBOCK (KLBK) A third-grade class is trying to get their favorite book made into a movie with the help of Tom Hanks.

The class from Capitol Elementary read “Two Bad Ants” in April. Recently retired third grade teacher, Vicky Huber said she and her class really enjoy the book.

“For me and I think for most of these kids, when you’re reading it you can just see see those things happening,” Huber said.

Huber suggested the book would make a good movie.

“We read the story they loved it, and I love it and I said you know what be so wonderful if they would make this into a movie and they’re like ‘yeah!’” Huber said.

The class believed Tom Hanks would be the perfect person to help with their idea.

Breaking out the pencils and paper, Huber said her class took to writing letters, and sent them to Hollywood.

Huber said she was hopeful the actor would respond, but didn’t know if he actually would. Then in late May, she said she received a post card in the mail.

“I looked at it and I go, California? I don’t even know anybody from California and all of the sudden I thought, ‘oh my gosh,’ and I opened it and I was like, ‘Oh he did! He did it he wrote back to these kids!’ and I was so excited,” Huber said.

The kids also said they were surprised to hear back from the actor, and said if Tom Hanks were to make the movie, they would be the first in line to watch.

On the postcard, Hanks writes he will read the book over the summer, and thanks the class for writing him letters.

Huber said she hopes her class takes away a valuable lesson from the post card.

“If you take the time write, sometimes someone will write you a letter back, and those are the kinds that you keep and you unfold it and you read it over and over again,” Huber said.

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