MONTEAGLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s an escape at half the cost and half the size; a concept that’s quickly catching on.

In this Nashville 2019 report, News 2 takes you to Monteagle, where a Nashville native is fighting the affordable housing crisis by selling tiny homes.

Just 85 miles South of Nashville, you’ll discover a different kind of singing– birds chirping.

It’s luxury living and an outdoorsman’s oasis. A place, Chip Hayes, the president of Oakstone Land & Capital says is thriving.

“500,000 million dollar vacation homes, while some love them, they’re not always practical,” Hayes said.

“We wanted it to be something that was a getaway something that is scenic with creeks mountains. Monteagle is the closest destination to that coming out of middle Tennessee,” Hayes said.

Here at Deer Lick Falls Retreat, 40 tiny homes have already sold in a matter of two and a half weeks, in total, there’s 48.

“Most of your tiny home community’s look like glorified trailer parks they’re lined up in a row on pads. Our community is different. Here there are no straight lines you have winding roads winding driveways,” Jack Miller said with Parks Real Estate.

The tiny home price varies depending on style and location. But most are between $100,000 and $200,000. Most styles are just under 500 square feet, equipped with tall ceilings, places to sleep, soak, sit, and sizzle, plus, there’s a loft.

They’re all customizable and come in different styles.

“You order the home, it shows up we finish it out we build the decks, fire pits and accessories you want and you show up and have a good time 60-90 days later,” Hayes said.

It’s a vacation property like none other– think summer camp for the entire family, a place to escape with just a drive.

“It’s a simple drive for the Nashville market. An hour and a half commute to get to a vacation home to connect with friends and family,” Hayes said. “

The tiny homes are built in Alabama and shipped to Tennessee.

Deer Lick Falls Retreat should be completed in six months, then work will start on a second retreat in Tracy City.

The Site includes:

One of Tennessee’s Largest Waterfalls On Site,


Hiking Trails 

Nature Preserve Area 



Multiple Community 


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