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Teacher fired after breaking up school fight gets job back

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BATON ROUGE, La. (WVLA/WMGB) Monday, A Ponchatoula Junior High School Teacher, Arthur “Rusty” Barrilleaux was reinstated to his positions after a state district court judge ruling.

The move comes after Barrilleaux and his colleague Brett Chatelainwere fired following a school fight where they were on camera holding down a female student after a fight in the school’s courtyard.

“A 30-second clip got blown into so many things without asking the people that were involved that was kind of the most aggravating thing about it.
Within 24 hours it had been on every news station across the coast and no one ever contacted me or anybody that was involved in it,” said Barrilleaux.

Since the altercation, the Tangipahoa Schools Superintendent, Melissa Stilley has been working with the Parish teachers union to redefine the policy for breaking up a fight.

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