Police officer gives boy a new XBox after his was stolen

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PELL CITY, Ala. (WIAT) — One police officer in Pell City is being lauded for doing more than just serving and protecting the community.

In a recent Facebook post, Ofc. Maggie Milazzo of the Pell City Police Department wrote about how she was working a burglary case last week that involved a boy whose Xbox video game console had been stolen from his home.

“As you can imagine he was heart broken…and him crying broke mine too,” Milazzo wrote.

Wanting to do something for him, Milazzo bought the boy a new XBox and surprised him with it at his baseball practice.

In the video, Milazzo is seen talking with the boy’s mother about how she wants to give the Xbox to him.

“I just wanted to drop that off for him,” Milazzo said. “My kid can’t go a night without hers so I didn’t want him to be upset.”

The mother asked Milazzo if she wanted to give the toy to him herself, to which she said she would. After calling out his name, she gave the Xbox to him.

“You think you could hold onto this for me for a while until we can find your other one,” Milazzo asked.

“I do not post this for a pat on the back… but to simply same 1 I’m so grateful to God for giving me a platform to do good,” she said.

Going on, Milazzo said that what she did was one part of what police officers do every day that go unseen.

“Iv (sic) witnessed each and everyone of them do something selfless and kind on 1000 occasions…we are human too and this is who we are,” she wrote.

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