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(NEXSTAR)- Activists in Minneapolis now control a barricaded area near where George Floyd died.

It’s been the site of some violence in recent weeks.

We’re getting a look inside the George Floyd Memorial “autonomous zone.”

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Three children were rescued from an apartment fire in Chicago.

The fire broke out inside a third-story apartment at 12:30 Thursday morning.

Three children, ages 10, 4 and 2, were inside the apartment. No adults were present at the time.

The 10-year-old girl managed to throw a mattress out of a window and jump.

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Despite being eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, some frontline workers are in no rush to get the shot.

Many workers say it’s not necessarily an indefinite refusal, but more so that for an array of reasons, they’re holding off on getting the vaccine right away.

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Many restaurant owners are saying they’re having a problem finding workers as business starts picking back up.

Several places across central Illinois are hiring, but they can’t find people who want a job right now.

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A Missouri boy is being praised for his compassion and fast thinking after he helped save the life of a teen he met online.

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March Madness is underway, and for the first time in history, the entire tournament will be played in central Indiana.

Organizers had to call in some additional manpower to create a new experience for fans and teams.

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Last June, AMC Theaters warned it was on the verge of going under because of the pandemic.

Now, the theater chain is close to re-opening all its theaters across the U.S.

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