Newsfeed Now for September 3: Hurricane Dorian weakens; School bans Harry Potter

Newsfeed Now

On Newsfeed Now for September 3, the conversation began along the East Coast. Hurricane Dorian continues to move closer to the U.S. coastline. WKRG’s Caroline Carithers took a look at the latest models. (*Show streamed at 11amCT).

For the full conversation, watch the video above.

Today’s other stories with scroll to times:

MURDER CONFESSION: A teenager who called 911 about hearing gunshots has admitted to killing five members of his family, Alabama authorities said Tuesday. WZDX’s Renata Di Gregorio reports.

For the full story: CLICK HERE or scroll to 5:30 in the video above.

HARRY POTTER BAN: A Catholic school in Tennessee has removed the Harry Potter books from its library after the school’s priest decided they could cause a reader to conjure evil spirits. WKRN’s Brent Remadna joined the conversation.

(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

For the full story: CLICK HERE or scroll to 8:21 in the video above.

BEYOND THE BADGE: One police officer in Alabama is being lauded for doing more than just serving and protecting the community. WIAT’s Michael Clark reports.

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