Newsfeed Now for October 4: Woman who bit camel speaks; Alabama’s oldest living QB

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On Newsfeed Now for October 4, we started the conversation in Gross Tete, LA. The Florida woman who bit a 600-pound (272-kilogram) camel to escape from beneath it denies that she and her husband threw treats for their dog into the camel’s enclosure at a Louisiana truck stop. WVLA’s Crystal Whitman joined the conversation.

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Today’s other stories with scroll times:

PARENTAL LAWSUIT: An Arkansas woman is claiming the father of her child is tied to the family of a U.S. presidential candidate. KNWA’s Kelly O’Neill breaks down the case.

For the full story: CLICK HERE or scroll to 5:40 in the video above.

OLDEST QB: Down in Montgomery, you’ll find a very special football fanatic. On any given fall Saturday, you’ll find her seated in front of the television, clad in her corsage, crimson sweater and white pants. WIAT’s Robert Sherman reports.

For the full story: CLICK HERE or scroll to 8:40 in the video above.

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