PRAIRIE GROVE, Ark. (KFTA) — Driving through Prairie Grove, people will see inspirational signs posted in yards and at schools. The woman responsible for them said she hopes they motivate people who are struggling with mental-health crises.

Mandy Hunt is a counselor at Prairie Grove High School, and she said she asked for $350 in a GoFundMe page but received more than $500 in donations. So, she ordered 50 signs, a couple hundred bracelets and buttons.

“Right now, we’re officially out of signs, so this weekend I’m gonna order some more,” Hunt said. “I reopened the GoFundMe and already have about $150 within the last 12 hours.”

The text on the signs read, “Don’t Give Up”, “You Matter” and similar motivational quotes.

“We have people in our community that are suffering, deal with depression and have suicidal thoughts and things like that,” Hunt said. “So, it’s bigger than the high school, I felt.”

Hunt said she hopes the messages move beyond the streets and halls of Prairie Grove.

“I guess I would probably just love to see it take off in other communities, and somebody in each community kind of take it and spread it around there,” Hunt said.