Belk employee gives teacher money to help a family, receives donation after viral post

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark-“I’ve been praying that God bless me to bless other people and that was just confirmation for me that God heard my prayer and it was just like an unquestionable moment,” JiQuintas Brown said.

It’s a moment that shows how a small act of kindness can go a long way!

“At that moment my Christmas was made,” Jane Balgavy said.

A Cabot teacher helped sponsor a family of three for Christmas.

As she was shopping at the Little Rock Belk store, she met a young man who also wanted to help out.

The saying is true Christmas is all about giving!

No matter how big or small a gift maybe you never know how it’s going to impact others.

Jane Balgavy was pretty excited to see JiQunitas Brown on Tuesday.

“How are you…Oh my gosh,” they said.

The two meet at the Belk Store in Little Rock over the weekend.

JiQunitas is a part-time worker at the department store and Jane was shopping for a 9th-grade student.

“All the little guy asked for was a good winter coat and a pair of tennis shoes,” Balgavy said.

Jane went to the shoe department.

“And there this wonderful young man said may I help,” Balgavy said.

She and Brown picked out the perfect pair of sneakers.

“She came to the cash register and she was telling me her story God instantly spoke to me and said bless,” Brown said.

“He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his wallet and hands me 3 $20 dollar bills and he said mam would you give this to the mother and tell her to use it for whatever she needs,” Balgavy said.

A generous gesture that brought tears of joy.

“I just reached out and said honey this is like working 6 hours for you and he said that it doesn’t matter what matters is to give that guy and his family a good Christmas,” Balgavy said.

Jane posted too Facebook. Her post has been shared thousands of times and people left hundreds of comments.

“I was actually hoping nobody found out but looks like everyone knows,” Brown said.

Even others like Chuck Massey inspired by Brown’s gift.

“I have written a check for the same amount $60 dollars to your church for your mission in your honor,” Massey said.

“Oh my goodness! Thank you so much,” Brown said.

A moment they will never forget.

“Christmas is pretty special to me but at that moment it just went over the top,” she said.

“I feel like every connection has a purpose,” Brown said.

Brown only had $61 dollars when he gave the money to Jane.

On top of his part-time job, he works full time at the Heart Hospital in Little Rock.

He just graduated with his Masters in Health Administration and says he plans to continue to help others.

Jane says she plans to go to Brown’s church, The True Holiness Saints Center in Conway.

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