A BLESSING FROM GOD: SFA’s win over Duke boosts Nate Bain’s GoFundMe

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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – From a tropical paradise to the Pineywoods, Nathan Bain has made quite the journey as he’s made his way to the William R. Johnson Coliseum.

Along that adventure, life threw him a curveball. In August he sat and watched helplessly as the town he grew up in was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian.

“It was pretty devastating, pretty hard, you get down on yourself, you get sad because there’s nothing you can really do,” said Bain. “It’s a natural disaster so you can’t blame anybody and you’re upset because there’s nothing you can do because you’re so far away.”

In true athletic spirit, he didn’t give up.

Bain did what he could from where he was and found a way to help not only his kin but the town as well.

With help from SFA athletics, a GoFundMe was started, with funds going to support his church in Freeport.

“It wasn’t moving super fast but we were getting donations,” said Bain. “Then after about two weeks maybe it slowed down a whole lot, it wasn’t really getting out there.”

That was until the magic happened.

The SFA Lumberjacks marched into duke and beat them on their own court, and not only did Bain score the game-winning basket, but he was also able to share his story with the world.

“Then we got a blessing from God,” Bain said. “It just so happened that things fell into place and we were able to have this miracle win and the GoFundMe got promoted then and took off, skyrocketed.”

The GoFundMe went from $2,000 to nearly $100,00 over the anticipated goal in just one week.

“A lot of kids are going to have a good Christmas,” Bain said. “A lot of kids are going to get clothes they need and shoes, a lot of people have been without clothes and shoes for a long time and that’s basic needs. You never realize how valuable the basic stuff is until you don’t have them.”

To donate to Bain’s cause and the people of Freeport, Bahamas click HERE, for the GoFundMe page.

Below is Bain’s full interview for more on his story:

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