New quick way to donate toys, food: Sherwood shelter makes Amazon Wish List


SHERWOOD, Ark.- The Sherwood Animal Shelter is in need of donations and they have new, quick and easy way to receive them.

Shelter officials say that because of people’s busy lifestyles, many who might want to drop something off for them, simply don’t have the time.

So the shelter has created an Amazon Wish List- it’s a quick way to get snacks, food, beds, sweaters and toys to the dogs and cats, with the click of a button.

“Everybody’s busy, so they come in and want to visit us sometimes and figure out what we need, but they don’t have time to come back, so they can go to the Amazon Wish List and just click, pay and they’ll send it to us,” animal officer Charlie Gullette said.

While the shelter is allotted money for some items, others they’re not, and the food they are able to purchase, often runs out quickly, according to Gullette.

“We have some budgeted items that we can get on our own, but some of the toys and treats… we’re not budgeted specifically for.”

And toys apparently, are pretty important for the animals!

“For them to have the toys to play with, helps reduce their mental frustration and stress, that they experience in a place like this.

The Amazon Wish List link is easily found on the shelter’s Facebook page, at the very top of their posts- the list shows items which the animals could really use.

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