New Facility For Veterans Brings Problems For College Station


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-An organization with a passion to help others plans to extend its purpose to support veterans.

It’s the goal for Union Rescue Mission of Little Rock, but some people say they don’t want it in their neighborhood.

People in College Station fear the new facility will bring problems and increase crime.

But the organization says it’s all about helping people who have served our country and now need help themselves.

“It’s all about developing our clients to go forward,” VanGilst said.

Union Rescue Mission Executive Director Dorcas VanGilst says forward is the goal at Dorcas and Nehemiah House in Little Rock.

The mission plans to add another facility only to help veterans.

“It will be the Second Story of veterans who have gone from serving our country as active duty, to being out of the military, honorably discharged and we want to be the part to their second story,” VanGilst said.

They hope to open up shop at an old nursing home in the heart of College Station.

Some who’ve lived in College Station their entire lives worry the facility is a bad fit for their hometown.

“This little community is not equipped for the veterans right now,” Cloria Dozier said.

“I’m not trying to say that everybody doesn’t need help, everybody needs help but a community that has already gotten over the influence I don’t think we need that in the community,” Camberin Crumpton said.

Vangilst said this facility would provide job placement, counseling and other resources.
She said it will not be a homeless shelter.

“Our deepest desire is to be a blessing to them and that we pray for that community. We love them, we want to be a loving light,” VanGilst said.

The mission still has a lot of steps to take before this could get off the ground.
They need to figure out zoning, apply for grants and renovate the facility.

The Union Rescue Mission will meet with Little Rock’s zoning commission Thursday to discuss this plan.

The meeting begins at 4 p.m. at city hall.

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