Neighborhood Crime Watch Reaches Two Years

AUSTIN,AR — A neighborhood targets crime and it pays off. After two years of watching each others back through a neighborhood crime watch, a group of people in Lonoke County celebrates a small victory Saturday. 

“It’s really pulled the community together,” said Crime Watch President Irma Heffner. 

For the last two years, mothers, fathers, and children have been making sure their county stays safe.

“It’s been very beneficial to the sheriffs office and the people, we’ve solved burglaries,” said Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley.

Authorities say the reason for the neighborhood watch is because there is 800 square miles to cover by officials and only three deputies patrolling at a time.

“With the limited man power we have, we couldn’t do it effectively with the limited man power involved,” said Staley. 

Last week, the neighbors busted a would-be burglar by spotting a vehicle that didn’t belong. 

“So if you’re watching your 360 and the neighbor watches their 360 it’s very good coverage,” said Staley.

The members meet the first Tuesday of every month and their meetings hold about sixty people. 

Officials say in the two years they have been able to prevent more than $100,000 worth of goods from falling into the wrong hands.

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