SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR) – Christmas came early for five waitresses at The Market Diner in Syracuse after a group of generous New Yorkers left a $1,400.

Bud Loura, the organizer behind the surprise, said it’s part of the Shock & Claus trend, which encourages diners to go out to eat with a group of friends. At the end of the meal, everyone pays for what they ordered and leaves a $100 tip each.

“I work with a lot of independent restaurants. I see the strife they’re going through,” said Loura. “I see the hurt that’s going through their employees right now and it’s just really important. They’re the hardest working people right now.”

Kelly Beeching was one of the five waitresses working on Saturday. She’s worked at the restaurant for eight years and said she has never received a tip as generous as this.

“I was just so stunned. Nothing like that has ever happened to me like that before,” said Beeching. “I was stressing out about Christmas. I appreciate it, it’s so nice.”

The tip was split among Beeching and her four co-workers, leaving each with $280 to take home.

“I was going to give a girl in the kitchen some,” Beeching said. “She seems like she could use it. I probably will take $100 of it and give the rest to her.”

Loura, the organizer, is planning to keep this act of kindness going all year. He created a group called the Breakfast Club to surprise waitresses and waiters once every month.

“I think the people that came and gave the $100 are just as happy as the people that got the money,” said Loura.