Twitter Unlocks President Trump’s Account, Facebook and Instagram Standing Firm

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President trump posted a video message on Twitter Thursday night, saying he is focused on “ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power.”

The tweet is his first since his account was locked for 12 hours by the social media site because the company said he violated its rules against interfering in elections or other civic processes.

Other social networks, however, are not budging, locking his accounts “indefinitely.”

The unprecedented move Wednesday by Twitter was after the company froze three of the President’s tweets about the riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Facebook and Instagram soon followed with a 24-hour block. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday that the block has been extended “indefinitely.”

“It makes sense that he would really be cut off at the knees because he has become so reliant on those channels and that was a mistake,” said Digital Marketer, Emily Reeves Dean.

Little Rock Digital Marketer, Emily Reeves Dean, said the move is certainly unprecedented, not to mention, risky.

“I think that it’s a really bold move to take someone who is so popular and block them because you risk annoying and angering all the people that follow them,” said Dean.

Reeves said we can expect to see more users leave the social media platforms and turn to other sites where there are less restrictions.

“We’ve seen Parler pop up, specifically for the group of people that Trump caters to as a way for them to congregate around their likeminded ideas. Some other channels pop up like that, smaller communities that are very idea driven or politically driven and thats a risk,” said Dean.

While it may seem like a bold move, Reeves said she believes the companies made the right decision.

“I think its incredibly important for these platforms to take some responsibility and say we see something wrong is happening with a tool we are providing to the public and so we are going to do something to make sure we are not encouraging further scenes like we saw (Wednesday) at the U.S. Capitol,” said Dean.

Twitter issued a warning that if the president violates Twitter’s rules again, the company could permanently suspend his account.       

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