Recovery efforts continue in Louisiana following Hurricane Ida

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NEW ORLEANS, La. — The governor of Louisiana toured his storm-ravaged state today while some people are starting to comb through the damage while others remain stranded due to high water. 

The damage is widespread, as people in New Orleans prepare for a third night in the dark.

In LaPlace, about 30 minutes from New Orleans, many took advantage of the daylight to assess damage to homes and businesses, but for some at a hotel, they are stranded because it’s turned into an island.

From the air where rescue crews are searching for survivors, to the ground where crews and people like Wallace Ruther pick up debris after Ida tossed trees like toys. 

“I’ve never been through anything like this,” Ruther said.

Ruther said a tree nearly hit him.

“I was in the room actually getting out of some wet clothes when I heard the snap I took off running out of there,” Ruther said.

Just down the road and off Interstate 10, water is so high that boats are the only way to get around. 

Walter Brown turned down a last-minute trip out of town before Ida, and he said him along with 20 others are now stranded at this hotel. 

“I don’t know why I stayed. I should’ve left,” Brown said, “We got lights and we got air but we have no running water.”

About 24 hours ago, the water was up to a semi truck’s cab door, and alligators are now creating a hazard for the people stranded in the hotel.

“Man, there’s an alligator about 9 feet right there, and we had another one on the other side chasing a cat last night.”

A large concern over alligators is very real and took a terrifying turn last night when authorities confirmed a man is missing after being attacked by one.

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