DENVER (KDVR) — Porch pirates have been seen time and time again snatching coveted packages from other people’s homes and getting away with it.

In the Central Park neighborhood of Denver, Gillian Hodkinson thought that was going to be the case for her too.

“The Amazon parcel was delivered about 4:25 p.m., and at 4:36 p.m., this guy shows up, parked his car just in front of the house, walks up,” Hodkinson said. “I don’t know if you noticed that we had a Ring doorbell or not, but everything was caught on camera.”

The video shows a man walking right up and grabbing a package directly in front of Hodkinson’s Ring camera. You can clearly see his face and distinct tattoos on both arms as he grabs several more packages and leaves in a white SUV.

“How dare you do that? And then you didn’t even cover your face,” Hodkinson said. “You didn’t make any secret of the fact that you came and did this. I’m really, really annoyed because my son is a vet tech, he’s not a wealthy man. To steal from somebody who doesn’t make very much money, it is mean, it’s horrid.”

Hodkinson put the video up on her neighborhood Facebook page and Nextdoor app. She didn’t really think anything would come of it, then a neighbor captured a small detail in the video making a big difference.

“The shirt that he had on, it was a distinctive shirt,” she said. “Somebody had recognized it and said, ‘Here’s where he worked’ and we were able to get the video to the management team.”

Days later, a new Ring notification popped up showing packages being dropped off on her porch by a more covered-up man. The delivery also came with a letter.

“It says ‘I’m really sorry I took your package. I felt horrible and it cost me my job because of it. So, I just wanted to return your belongings to do the right thing. I can promise you it won’t happen again, I’m really sorry.’”

Hodkinson hopes this helps teach the porch pirate a lesson and he stays true to his promise in his apology note.