Oklahoma woman says she found over 50 dead horses in field at former rescue

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – An investigation is underway after an Oklahoma woman said she found more than 50 dead horses in a field at what was a horse rescue. 

“I’m still in shock,” said Lori Risley, who claimed to have made the discovery in Logan County earlier this week. “I’m saying 50 plus and just left out there to rot?”  

The carcasses were not visible on the ground with KFOR’s cameras, but the station’s chopper cameras spotted at least five carcasses surrounded by a lot of scattered bones. Risley said the other carcasses were beneath the trees. 

“It doesn’t appear that they were dragged. So, how did they die?” Risley asked.

Risley said she received a phone call from someone connected to the horse rescue letting her know there were dead horses on the property. Since she fosters horses there, she went to have a look for herself. 

“I arranged to basically have my heart broke and walk through a field of dead horses. So, I did that yesterday afternoon,” she said. “I’ve cried so much that I don’t even know that I can cry anymore.”  

Risley took pictures and called the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, which is looking into the matter. 

“There’s beer cans spread all over the property over there. Beer cans by those carcasses. Were they having a party?” Risley asked. 

KFOR is not naming the woman in charge at the rescue since no charges have been filed, but when contacted on Facebook, she said, “I was cleared by the sheriff twice. Leave me alone.” 

Risley said she’s worried for the other horses that she hopes are still alive. 

“Now she’s moved them and I was told right before you called that she’s not allowing anyone at the new property,” Risley said.

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