(NEXSTAR) – Troy Aikman is getting back to the field – no, not the football field, the beer field.

The Hall of Famer, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, and longtime NFL broadcaster is rolling out a new beer. Aikman teased the announcement on New Year’s Eve on Instagram, saying “Ringing in 2022 with a lot of new adventures ahead. Big news coming January 4 – stay tuned,” followed by the beer emoji.

On Tuesday, Aikman posted a new video to Instagram for Eight, a 90 calorie light beer. According to The Dallas Morning News, Aikman co-founded an Austin-based company to release the beer next month in Texas.

When Aikman was playing college football in Oklahoma, he worked for a Miller distributor, he tells the Dallas newspaper. After retiring from the Cowboys, Aikman did some ads for Miller Lite.

The beer, Eight, has been a work in progress for years, according to the brand’s website. Brewing scientists at Oregon State University formulated the “elite light lager,” using organic grains. It is also considered an all-malt beer, meaning it has no corn or rice, The Dallas Morning News reports.

For those unfamiliar with Aikman’s time as a player, the beer’s name, Eight, pays tribute to his jersey number through college and with the Cowboys. Aikman says it also represents strength and balance. It does not, however, represent how many you can buy in a pack – Eight will come in a six-pack, 12-pack, and 19.2-ounce single-serve cans.

Eight is on track to launch on draft in bars, restaurants, and other on-premise locations in Texas in February, according to a press release. Cans will be available at retail locations throughout the state starting in March.