LAKE OZARK, Mo. – A bizarre incident in a small Missouri town has led to a man’s arrest.

While his intentions may have been good, he ended up causing damage to a business.

Another man working as a bouncer at a bar across the street watched it happen and then tried to intervene.

The suspect claimed he was trying to prevent sex trafficking when he tried to “rescue” mannequins in the window of an adult store.

“He said that the mannequins were telling him that they needed to be let out or something,” explains Mont Hardcastle, a bar bouncer.

The man, identified now as James Issac Short, then tried to break into the shop.

Hardcastle is used to seeing interesting things in his line of work.

“I’m the manager of Marty Byrdes,” he explains.

Saturday night he saw something new across the street.

“Suspicious to me in the way that he was acting, running around in front of the boutique, yelling and screaming and banging on the windows,” Hardcastle explains.

The boutique, Mi Dream Angels, has several displays in its windows, including mannequins wearing different styles of lingerie.

Hardcastle says he watched Short try the door several times before Short jumped onto a bench and kicked the glass window until it shattered.

“I told my bartender to call the police. Let them know that I’m going to be over there holding this guy for them, that it wasn’t a fight. It turned into a little bit of a fight, but it wasn’t that way,” he says.

Hardcastle says Short was halfway into the store when he pulled him out.

“I had him down on the ground and all he was doing was trying to mule kick me in the back while I was on top of him,” he adds.

Two women then came over and sat on Short’s legs until police arrived.

According to court documents, Short caused well over $1,000 in damage, destroying a window, lighting, and a security camera.

The owner of the shop told us she didn’t want to talk about it.

Hardcastle says with his background in security, he HAD to do something.

“It’s somebody’s business. I’m not the type of person to stand idly by and watch something happen,” he says.

Short is in jail facing property damage and burglary charges.