(NBC News) — The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we shop, even when it comes to shopping and making big purchases.
There’s evidence auto sales are up because COVID-19 has driven public transportation down.  
AutoTrader’s Karl Brauer says the driving public is focused more on health and hygiene.  
“The stronger idea here is the idea that you are going to want to control your environment even when you are traveling,” he says.
There’s also evidence this has driven up sales in the online car buying industry.

Practices there have changed as well.

“We will have a uniformed Carvana advocate that delivers the car to their door, unload a car from a flatbed truck, sanitize the car,” says Carvana’s Eddie Garcia.

Shift.com has similar practices.

“We do a contactless test drive,” says shift’s George Arison.  “We bring car to you, clean the car prior to you getting into it.”

Analysts say this shows people are thinking differently, not just about what to buy, but how to buy as well.