Mount Nebo Church in College Station Celebrates 111 Years


COLLEGE STATION, AR – A College Station church held a service Sunday to celebrate its 111th anniversary, but members also wanted to use the day to reach out to the community that is not as involved with church.

Church goers at Mount Nebo A.M.E. Church celebrated religion and better streets in their neighborhood. They said whether the area has crime or not, they were staying.

Members like Linda Henson said she was going to help make the crime go away by reaching out to people stuck in that lifestyle.

“You don’t have to be lost if you don’t want to be,” Henson told KARK 4’s Leah Uko. “There is a better way and that way is Jesus Christ.”

Henson, too, lived a street life. She described herself in her younger years as a pretty girl running the streets.

“Hanging out with the people that shouldn’t be. Just wanted to be, you know, connected to the other people in the world because you don’t know. When you don’t know you just connect to what you see.”

Henson joined Mount Nebo in 1979 and never left. She helped lead the drug and alcohol ministry on the last Thursday of every month.

Helping people in need was Pastor Jeff F. Carr’s main priority at the moment. He said his goal was to continue to bridge the gap between church members and non-members.

“We have been working with people trying to make them change their minds, hearts and souls,” Pastor Carr continued. “The other way you can get to do this is by getting to know Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Carr added that he wanted to tackle other issues in the community such as unemployment and drug and alcohol addiction.

But overall, Carr said he believed College Station’s reputation has become more about faith than crime and he aimed to keep that reputation going.

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