Mother Warns About ‘Hot Water Challenge’ After Son Suffers Severe Burns


LITTLE ROCK, Ark — The ‘Hot Water Challenge’ is injuring kids across the country, one dying as a result, and it may have landed a Central Arkansas teen in the hospital — after waking up in pure agony, his mother said, from a scalding during a sleepover with friends.

Mickey Conrad said she’s heartbroken knowing one of her sons friends intentionally burned him.

“It could have very well been his face. It could have been more intense … more damaging,” said Conrad.

She could barely look at pictures of her burned son on her phone Monday.

“I continue to ask him how he feels and just check on him. Ask if he’s afraid or if he’s hurting…” said Conrad.

Her 15-year-old son was at a sleepover with friends at a Little Rock home Sunday, when Conrad said her son was attacked.

“During the night, 3 a.m, he woke up to boiling water having been poured on him,” said Conrad.

She said one of the boys heated up water in the microwave and tossed it on her son.

“Didn’t see it coming,” said Conrad.

He was dropped off to her later that morning.

“Burning, screaming, flesh rolled off,” said Conrad.

She took him to the hospital where they found out he had suffered first and second burns to his neck.

“Thank God it wasn’t his face … his eyes,” said Conrad.

She can only guess why her son was being targeted.

“I’m assuming it’s the ‘Hot Water Challenge,'” said Conrad.

A deadly game known nationwide to push people to boil water and toss the scalding liquid on unsuspecting victims.

“It’s a real thing. It is not a joke or prank,” said Conrad. “It’s cruel and it’s criminal.”

She said her son was also burned underneath his arm with the tip of a hot cigarette lighter.

“I want it stopped,” said Conrad. “Children have to think ahead. It’s not funny.”

Now, she’s gone to police in hopes of educating her son and getting whoever scarred him to pay.

“The police officer was very helpful in that saying you’ve grown up a lot today and says you need to be a forward thinker,” said Conrad.

Conrad said her son should make a full recovery. LRPD is investigating what happened.

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