Mother searches for bone marrow donor in order to save sons life


Little Rock,Ark.- A Little Rock mother is determined to find a match for her son who needs a bone marrow transplant.
“Your child is sick and you want to do everything you can to fix it and you can’t. It’s not a boo boo that you can just kiss and it goes away, ” said Kristi Mcneil.
Kristi Mcneil’s son is 23 with Aplastic Anemia. Only about 20,000 people are diagnosed with this a year. Doctor’s told her son Be’lee that a bone marrow transplant maybe need to help keep him alive. But for Be’lee their is about a 30 percent chance of finding a match. So his mother has been working to get the word out.
“I was clueless until I started doing research with “Be The Match” and it’s an easy process to save a life,” she explained.
Kristi has made flyers, Facebook posts, and even organized a donor drive for later this month. She hopes someone out there is a full match for her son since she is not. But most of all she wants people to know they could help save someones life.
“Your a match for either Be’lee my son or anyone who is out there looking for a donor because there is over 12,000 people on the registry that are needing a donor.”
If you would like a kit sent to your home text “Swab4belee” to the number 61474. Or log on

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