Monsanto Targeted in AR Farmers Lawsuit over Dicamba


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A group of Arkansas farmers has filed a lawsuit against Monsanto Company and BASF SE, a German Company, and BASF Corporation (“BASF”) for crop damage due to dicamba herbicide. 

Arkansas attorneys Phillip Duncan and lawyers at the Duncan Firm, P.A., Paul Byrd & Joseph Gates with the Paul Byrd Law Firm and attorney Jerry Kelly, filed the class action suit on Wednesday.

According to a news release announcing the class action case, the attorneys have decades of experience fighting and protecting agricultural interests in Arkansas and across the nation. 

“We filed the lawsuit as a class action for farmers whose property was harmed by dicamba-based herbicides supplied by Monsanto and BASF. The Defendants implemented and controlled the dicamba crop system, releasing seed technology without a corresponding, safe, and approved herbicide. Crops, fruits and trees that are not dicamba resistant were injured causing extensive damage to farmers’ crops in Arkansas and other states throughout the 2016 growing season, including Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Farmers’ livelihoods are at stake, and we want to protect their interests,” said Attorney Phillip Duncan.

“The dicamba crisis was created and forced upon the farming industry. Crops are at risk. Relationships are at risk. There have already been tragedies due to this crisis,” added  Attorney Paul Byrd.

The farmers allege that defendants’ wrongful control of the dicamba crop system and predominating wrongful conduct knowing that, through their control of the agricultural process involving dicamba-resistant seeds and herbicides, could wipe out crops, fruits and trees that were not dicamba tolerant. Farmers across Arkansas and other states who did not plant dicamab-resistant seeds had no way of protecting themselves and have been victimized by Monsanto’s and BASF’s conduct, the lawsuit states.

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