Mom wants change for behavioral guidelines in Conway schools


CONWAY, Ark.- A mother is determined to use her voice for change in her son’s school district when it comes to punishment.

She wants Conway School District to update its behavioral policies when it comes to how kids are handled with they misbehave. This is for all children, but she’s especially focused on children with special needs.

It’s an issue close to her heart.

A picture of a perfect classroom is something Karil Greeson’s hopes she can bring to life for her kids.

“I’m able to advocate for my child, but what about those kids who have nobody to advocate for them?” Greeson asks.

Karil’s mission is personal. Her son, Peyton, is autistic.

“I have a kid in the classroom that is having outbursts, but really because he is being responded to the wrong way,” says Greeson.

Karil says there are too many gray areas on behavior protocols within the Conway School District.

“They need some sort of policy or some sort of consistency and really some sort of education how the best way to respond to children like that,” Greeson says.

She hopes to change that, taking it as far as presenting her ideas to the school board.

“I found this positive behavioral intentional supports, and I just found some really great things about it,” Greeson says. “And that’s why I went to them to try to get that implemented district-wide.”

The district’s superintendent released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying they appreciate the work Mrs. Greeson has done and they “are studying the information and working collaboratively with the board on the next steps.”

Karil hopes her voice will draw up change and clarity to the rules.

“Something like this, it would reduce the amount of advocacy a parent has to do,” Greeson explains.

Karil says a number of school districts like Little Rock and Jonesboro use the positive behavior intervention supports method.

The district says they are exploring the option presented.

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