Mom talks about agonizing search for answers nearly 2 months after son goes missing


BRADFORD, Ark.- Almost two months after he went missing, a White county mother still has no idea what happened to her son. 

“We’ve searched every one of the spots we’ve been told,” says Cynthia Medlock. 

A few days after Michael Morris was reported missing in late January, his family frantically searched for him.  Now as days and even weeks tick by the searching has become a lot of waiting. 

“There’s still a few places we can’t get to because the water’s up too high,” says Medlock. 

Medlock says she’s heard dozens of versions of what happened to her son. 

“Anywhere from he was shot execution style, [to] that he was hit in the head with a hand weight,” Medlock recalls. 

In mid-February, she even started receiving ransom emails from someone she believes wants to exploit her pain. 

All of these things making her quest for answers more unbearable. 

“I thought we would have found him by now,” says Medlock through tears. 

In a town of fewer than 800 people, Bradford seems to hold a lot of secrets about the truth of what became of Michael Morris.  

While Cynthia never stops thinking about what happened to her son she says it’s the where that matters most now. 

“All we want to do is find him.”

Michael Morris is still listed as a missing person. 

Several agencies are continuing to investigate the case including the White and Jackson County sheriff’s offices.  If you have any information that could help investigators you are asked to reach out to law enforcement. 

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