Mom, Daughter Kidnapped after Man Gets Access to Home Through Open Garage


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – You could say the Foxcroft neighborhood is in a bit of a transition.

“If you look around the neighborhood you’ll see carports,” says homeowner Wade Bratton. “I think people will update.”

Bratton says more and more homes are turning from carports to a garage.

“It’s a major convenience,” says Bratton.

He says having a garage is like having enhanced security not just for ordinary tools but for him and his wife.

“The only time it stays open is when frankly, I’m here,” says Bratton.

Little Rock Police say an open garage could have led Derrick Smith, 23, into a home where a sleeping mother and daughter were.

“The garage was open. He’s just walking around the neighborhood and that seems an easy target,” says Little Rock Police Officer Steve Moore.

Investigators say Smith walked into the garage and into the home. He allegedly kidnapped a woman and her nine-year-old daughter. Authorities say he forced the two to go to an ATM and withdraw hundreds of dollars.

Moore says the crime appears to be random.

It can be hard to see crime of opportunity if you’re not the one committing the crime.

“I think actually, people get kinda laud to a false sense of security,” says Bratton.

Bratton says a garage is like a front door and like a front door, it’s not stopping anyone from going in.

“Randomness, as the term indicates, can occur anywhere. It can occur in some of the most secure areas,” says Bratton.

The suspect is facing multiple charges including kidnapping, aggravated robbery and burglary.

Smith remains in the Pulaski County Jail on a $150,000 bond.

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