Mold concerns flood privatized military housing on Little Rock Air Force Base


JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — Safety concerns are surfacing over some military housing options on the Little Rock Air Force Base. 

People there say mold in some of the homes is making them sick. 

“I started noticing that my kids and myself, we were constantly sick, we constantly had upper respiratory problems,” Casey Kohrs said. 

She and her two boys lived there in 2015 when she was dealing with the problems. Her husband was deployed. 

 Kohrs says every time she would put in a work order for suspected mold… 

“They scratched it off and painted over it and said ‘oh it’s fine,'” she said.  

She says it took going up the military command ranks to get Hunt Companies – which owns the privatized military housing on the Little Rock Air Force Base — to do anything. 

“They came out and they cut open a square of sheet rock and literally water just poured and it was full of mold and mildew,” she said. 

She says she spent three weeks in a hotel only to return home to find the mold problems weren’t completely fixed. 

“They just put Band-Aids on any problems that we reported.” 

Her family moved out and is now trying to help other families facing similar problems.

“Just from one conversation there was 22 people who either had a story of how it was covered up or had a story of where they have completely done nothing,” she said referring to other problems brought to the property management’s attention. 

A national survey by the Military Family Advisory Network found more than half of the almost 17,000 people asked had a negative or very negative experience with privatized military housing. 

With military housing now in the national spotlight, Kohrs hopes Little Rock is added to the focus. 

“It’s nasty, it’s not right, it’s not fair,” she said.  

Hunt Companies responded to our request for comment with the following statement: 

“Recognizing the importance of serving those who serve and sacrifice so much for our country, Hunt takes these matters extremely seriously, holds itself accountable and is committed to continuing to make necessary improvements to offer every resident high-quality housing. We are working diligently with our local team members in tandem with our Air Force partners as well as Hunt Corporate staff to address any concerns as quickly as possible.”

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