Maumelle Owes Thousands to Current and Former Aldermen

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MAUMELLE, AR — An elected official who left a council meeting to help children stranded in a broken down school bus got hit with a penalty from the city. When KARK started asking questions, the city determined it has been wrongly shorting public servants since 2010.
The mess-up was brought to light over a situation involving Alderman Burch Johnson.
Johnson was the first elected mayor of Maumelle and has been an alderman since 2008.  He’s spent a total of more than ten years serving in city government.
He’s not seeking reelection this time.  Minutes before his last ever meeting December 1st, Johnson got a call from officials at Academic Plus Charter School.
A bus broke down taking kids to a basketball game.

“Burch we got a major problem,” Johnson recalls the school official saying.  ” ‘We need your help.’  I said, ‘Well, I’m in a council meeting.’  He said, ‘I don’t have another choice. You’re the only one that can take us out.'” 

Johnson has a commercial driver license and helps out on occasion driving buses for field trips.
Johnson says he was gone for about an hour and a half helping the school out. He missed the regular meeting but made it back for an agenda meeting.
Still, when he got his paycheck he noticed $250 was deducted.

When KARK asked the city why it would punish a public servant who was trying to help, the mayor said the rules are basically no show, no pay.     
But after asking for a copy of the ordinance, the mayor said he discovered the rules were changed back in 2010.
Not only would the city be forced to pay back Johnson but, also, 11 other alderman who received deductions over the four-year period, totaling $6,750.

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