Man on a bike hit by a car, Greenbrier Police investigating


GREENBRIER, Ark. – A man is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a car. Greenbrier Police say it was a hit and run early Sunday morning around 2 am.

Police believe an SUV hit the man and fled the scene. The police chief says they were able to locate the car and the owner. Now they are investigation what exactly happened. 
When the crash happened, Richard Vollnogle says he quickly jumped out of bed. 

“I woke up with what I perceived as a sound of a shot gun.” 

Just outside his apartment Windown at the intersection of Highway 225 East and Henderson Street, police say the man on a bike was hit. 

“All I saw was part of the bicycle and later that morning I saw a little bit of blood,” Vollnogle said. 

Police say, the car left the scene. Vollnogle says authorities found the injured man in a ditch. 

“I heard kind of a crash noise, but I figured it was something that happened with a dog or something like that,” Cody Eddy explained. 

“I walk that road almost every day to go to work. That could have been me, my girlfriend, or anyone else walking down that road,” Chance Baker, who lives nearby, said. 

Baker says this accident is going to make him think twice when he travels the same roadway. 

“Now I’m a little more cautious of people not paying attention. It’s a little freaky.” 

Greenbrier Police say they have identified the car and officers are still investigating. 

Meanwhile, Vollnogle hopes the person hit this weekend makes a full recovery. 

“From past experiences, I know that whenever someone is hit with that velocity, you’re going to hear a lot,” Vollnogle said. 

As for the victim, he has serious injuries the night of the crash. We’re told he’s still at a local hospital. 

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