Man Buys Storage Unit Containing Journals of West Memphis Three Member


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (WMC) – A man discovered new insight into a notorious Mid-South murder case after he purchased an abandoned storage unit.
Last week, an Arizona man who just moved to the Mid-South bought a storage locker in Little Rock. He thought it was full of just random books. But, he soon learned he had purchased much more than just books – he purchased a very personal connection with a notorious convicted killer.
If you’ve ever seen the TV show Storage Wars, you know how it works. Abandoned storage units are auctioned off to the highest bidder – sometimes with very little inspection.
Rob Horn bought the unit at auction. He didn’t know what he had until a Google search led him to WMC Action News 5’s Janice Broach. It was much more than just anybody’s personal library.
“What is it, one in a million to be the person who actually bought this stuff? Not very many people could be that lucky,” Horn said.
Horn is from Bull Shoals, Arkansas, and he is that lucky. 
“I just saw a bunch of books. I can sell books,” he said.
There were books….lots of them on the table, under it, and in boxes. There were 12-15 boxes of books now in his home.
“A lot of the books have his name written in it,” Horn said. “Damien Echols, Varner unit, Grady, Arkansas.”
The books belonged to the infamous Damien Echols from the notorious West Memphis Three case.
It was all a mystery to Horn. None of it meant anything to the retired police officer from Arizona until his wife read one of the letters tucked inside one of the boxes.
“Damien at the supermax. We started googling real quick; of course, we came up with it and that’s how I found you [Janice Broach],” he said.
He knew the locker he had purchased belonged to someone named Lorri Davis. 
“We did lot more research and realized she had married him while he was in prison,” Horn said.
It was then that he knew what he had.
“Then I thought ‘wow, we might be able to make some money off this,'” he said
There are photos of Lorri, photos of her outside the prison, and a photo of Lorri and Damien.
There is art possibly drawn by Damien and there are two journals written by Damien while in prison. 
One inside cover has Christian photos mainly of the Virgin Mary and one with a photo of Damien and Lorri.
“These journals are going to be an insight to what it was like for him when he was in prison. That ought to make for good reading,” Horn said.
Echols, who spent more than 18 years on death row, wrote dated entries into the journals. He wrote about his feelings and various observations.
“I will no longer give away anything of myself unless it is to acquire something of equal or greater value,” Echols wrote. “June 27th. Something is going on here. Something seems to have targeted me for one reason or another.”
“June 28th. Stress is taking an exhausting toll on me again.” 
Horn figures different people sent the books he found in the locker to Echols. Some of them, such as a Daredevil comic, is signed by the author.
“To Lorri and Damien, may you have freedom in justice and a happy ending. Dave,” the inscriptions reads.
There is a Bible with Echols’ name in it, books on Easter religion, and even erotica.  It is all a bit overwhelming for Horn, who feels he has hit the jackpot.
“I consider myself really, really lucky is what I got to say,” he said.
Horn said he tried to reach Lorri and Damien Echols through social media, but he has not received a response. 
WMC Action New 5’s investigators also tried to reach the couple – but had no luck.
Horn has already posted some of the items on Ebay. You can go to Ebay and search BKBarn or click here.
You can also email Horn about the items at:

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