Man bitten by snake in Little Rock


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Another day, another snake bite in Pulaski county.

It’s been a busy week for people getting bitten by snakes.

“There’s just a lot of snakes around here,” says Kenneth Rogers.

Rogers sees them often on his property off of Highway 10.

“You see them coming down the driveway some,” says Rogers, “and you see them on this road all the time.”

On Thursday he had an even closer encounter with one.

“I felt something just kind of graze my foot and I looked down and it was a snake.”

Rogers says he saw the snake bite him and then quickly reacted calling an ambulance and going to the ER.

Cale Davenport is an assistant superintendent at Pinnacle State Park. He says this time of year is definitely when the snakes are out and people need to be aware.

“Along with those snakes being born we’re going to start experiencing a change in leaf color that really adds to their advantage of hiding and reduces our ability to see them,” says Davenport.

We saw two snakes while we were out by Pinnacle but both of them were able to elude our cameras.

Thankfully for Rogers the snake that bit him wasn’t venomous, but the experience is going to keep him on his toes.

Davenport says it’s best to leave them alone and watch where you step.

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