LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Thousands of people have gathered tonight. They are all concerned, worried, and willing to fight for the future of this school district, and some say it’s no coincidence that we are meeting at Little Rock Central High School.

This candle light vigil at Central High School is bringing a flicker of history to the present.

“He shut down the school to keep the schools from being integrated and so this is so so relevant right now because we have come a long way but this is a stark reminder that we haven’t come far enough,” says Susan Dale, Chico ECC Pre-K Teacher.

The recent proposal from the State Board of Education wanting to keep control of LRSD schools with an “F” grade is being viewed by community members as segregation, since the schools rating F are prominently minority schools.

“Because they didn’t chance anything, it seems like it got worse,” says a parent.

“I want the Governor to say that they aren’t going to separate the schools based on anything,” says Dale.

Dale says that these schools are more than just a letter.

“We’ve come way too far as a society and we have made so much progress in being inclusive and diverse and I feel like we are being set back so i’m very worried, very concerned.”

Others say that this vigil represents lighting the way for our future of one LRSD.

One of the concerned parents said that “It represents hope for me, hope for a change for me and everybody else in the school.”

Dale says “We are unified as one Little Rock School District, we are now and we should always be.”

The School Board of Education meeting is happening tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

We will keep you updated online and on air.