LRPD records: 25 out of 26 homicides this year happened south of Interstate 630


All but one of Little Rock’s 26 homicides in 2019 happened in an area that sits south of Interstate 630 and east of Interstate 430, according to police records.

Police reports show that as many as four homicides happened just blocks within each other (11th Street, 13th Street, Martin Street and Princeton Drive) and more than half of all the homicide victims are black males.

The numbers spark a hope for change from city director, Ken Richardson who represents Ward 2, an area plagued with some of the violence listed in police records.

“If you look at the stats, we can almost for certain pinpoint where the next violent crime is going to happen; where the next suspect and victim are going to live,” Richardson says.

Richardson thinks a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach could improve some of conditions that surround these neighborhoods.

“Vacant lots; boarded up homes,” Richardson says describing the area.

“Those vacant lots become magnets or anchors for criminal activity.”

Little Rock police say that six of the homicides reported in 2019 are domestic-related calls or situations.

The one and only homicide reported north of Interstate 630 happened on Woodlawn Drive, which resulted in the death of a white male, according to police records.

January remains the deadliest month of the year so far in which 9 people were reportedly killed.

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