LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two days after a mass shooting at a downtown club left 25 people with gunshot wounds, many questions remain.

Here are five investigative questions answered:

Q: Were police aware that Ricky Hampton (aka Finese 2tymes) was performing and had active warrants in Arkansas?
A: According to a LRPD spokesperson, police were unaware that Ricky Hampton was performing or that he had active warrants out of Forrest City until after the shooting investigation started.

Q: Was the police department not aware of the promotional images that featured the performer with a gun?
A: It is unclear whether any officers who monitor social media or these type of venues had seen the promotion. Officers are following up on this question.

Q: Is there a reason Hampton was not questioned immediately after the shooting?
A: Hampton was able to leave the scene in the chaos. He is slated to appear before a federal magistrate judge in Alabama and then be extradited to Arkansas for questioning in relation to the shooting.

Q: Has this location been problematic in the past? What types of calls and how many has the department responded to at this location, and have there been VICE complaints regarding Power Ultra Lounge?
A: There have been calls to this location in the past, but LRPD is attempting to get a full list of call dates and types to provide to us. There have been possible VICE complaints, which the LRPD is also following up on at this time.

Q: Is this shooting possibly connected to other violent crimes and shooting incidents the LRPD has linked as an ongoing feud?
A: It initially appears so. At this point, police are working to track down the people attending the event. Estimates place the crowd size at 300 people, and LRPD has been working to identify them, ask them for information, and piece together what led to the shooting. However, the LRPD is investigating whether this shooting was another incident in a string of ongoing crimes within the city among a specific group of individuals that could possibly be gang-related.