LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There are many ways to make a living, but serving people is how one Little Rock couple spends their work day. 
KARK and McDonald’s Pay it 4Ward to a couple who built Arkansas’ largest homeless shelter, with a little patience and a lot of hard work.
365 days a year, the staff serves up three meals a day, seven days a week. 
“They think of this place as their home,” Pastor William Holloway said. 
“I met Pastor Holloway coming up here for a free meal. Then I started spending the night,” Warehouse Manager Henry Sullivan said. 
20 years ago, Pastors William and Rosemary Holloway started with a few pallets on their living room floor.
“They just do so much for this community, everybody that comes through that door, they help,” Toni Sullivan, the woman who nominated the Holloways, said. 
But this homeless shelter, located on West Roosevelt Road, is much more than just a place to eat or sleep. 
“He teaches you to get acquainted with God first and give your problems to him,” Sullivan said. 
Sullivan went through the Little Rock Compassion Center’s Drug and Alcohol Program. Now, he helps lead the ministry that gave him a second chance. 
“I’m still old fashioned, and I believe if you want to eat you should work,” said Pastor William Holloway.
“February will be 11 years. I have gotten married since I got here,” Sullivan said. 
The Sullivans are just one success story. And with their help, KARK and McDonald’s were able to surprise William and Rosemary and Pay it 4Ward with a $250 gift card. 
“I can’t think of a better way to start the holiday season than coming here and recognizing all of the hard work you’re doing,” said Michael Retzer Jr., of McDonald’s of Central Arkansas. 
KARK and McDonald’s reward this couple whose faith inspired them to help families get back on their feet. 
“We couldn’t have done this also without the community. There’s a lot of people here who’ve probably had hard times in their life and they’re willing to step up and help other people,” Pastor Holloway said. 
“The door is open for those who want to change their lives,” Sullivan said. 
The Compassion Center has no government assistance and runs entirely on donations from the community. So, to keep costs down, the center will be giving away chickens instead of turkeys this Thanksgiving. 
The compassion center plans to serve around 1,000 hot meals on Thanksgiving, in addition to giving away hundreds of food boxes. The Holloways hope to stretch the $250 to feed even more families this holiday season. 
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