LR Board of Directors to talk about penny sales tax



LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Tonight the Little Rock Board of Directors talked about the penny sales tax.

The Mayor said this tax could generate $50 million for the city.

“Little Rock will become a greater destination,” said Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said the sales tax will make the capital city a destination.

“Many people are coming to our city which we want them to, we want them to work here and play here but we also have to account for the infrastructure cost,” said Mayor Scott.

The board of directors got a presentation on the penny sales tax as well as a recap of the 3/8 cent sales tax.

The 3/8 cent sales tax is a ten-year tax that started in 2012 and will end in 2021.

If the penny sales tax is passed, the city of Little Rock will have a 10 percent sales tax. Then next year, the 3/8 cent sales tax will end and the city will drop to a 9.625 percent sales tax permanently.

As for the penny sales tax, Mayor Scott only shared the ‘big picture.’

We still don’t know what percentage will be going to each project.

“Parks will have a significant percentage as well as public safety and infrastructure,” said Mayor Scott.

As for board members, they had a lot of questions and concerns.

Director Peck, said, “we just want to see some numbers.”

Director Adcock said she needs more questions answered.

Director Wright said she encountered several concerns.

“One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I don’t care if we put the Taj Mahal in the city, if we don’t deal with the perception and reality of public safety it’s not going to make any difference,” said Ken Richardson, Director Ward 2.

Mayor Scott assured everyone their district would not be forgotten and all their concerns would be addressed.

Mayor Scott said there will be another presentation on March 10, that’s when those specific percentage will be shared so everyone will have a better understanding of the sales tax.

Mayor Scott said it’s up to the board when the penny sales tax would be voted on.


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Tonight the Little Rock Board of Directors is expected to talk about the Lift Little Rock sales tax proposal.

Tonight is the bi-weekly agenda-setting meeting so nothing will be voted on until next week. However, this is a time for Directors to ask questions and get concerns out.

While this item isn’t on the agenda, Mayor Frank Scott Jr does talk about a presentation on the sales tax in his weekly address youtube videos.

Tune in tonight at 10 for a full recap.

To see the latest video from Mayor Scott, click here.

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